Today Is FSC Friday

FSC Friday, FSC Certification, FSC, Sustainability, forest certificationFriday the 29th of September is FSC Friday. FSC helps take care of forests and the people and the wildlife who call them home and is recognised by the WWF as the ‘hallmark of responsible forest management@.

FSC certified businesses have voluntarily taken the step to ensure that the wood, paper and other forest-based materials they use help to ensure forests for all forever.

On FSC Friday all certification bodies, FSC certificate and licence holders in the UK are invited to promote their involvement in FSC certification and responsible forest management.

  • The FSC label guarantees that trees are harvested are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.
  • In FSC certified forests, some areas are protected entirely, to preserve rare animals and plants.
  • FSC is the only forest certification sheme endorsed by WWF, Greenpeace and the Woodland Trust.
  • FSC protects the rights of indigenous people to use forests. Sacred sites in FSC certified forests are exempt from felling.
  • Owners of FSC certified forests must provide training, safety equipment and a suitable salary to their employees. The forest owner is often obliged to support the community in other ways such as through the development of schools.

This week has seen enquiries for FSC certification in the End of Life and Joinery sectors in Yorkshire and Coventry, who felt it important to demonstrate sustainability in the products they are supplying to their customers.

Further information on FSC certification can be found on our website here. or alternatively one of our dedicated staff members would be more than happy to assist you with any questions or queries you may have. We can be contacted on 01952 288325, you can initiate a live chat, or complete our online enquiry form.

Register For FSC Friday

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If you are an FSC Certificate or Licence holder in the UK, there is still time to register for the FSC Friday digital resource pack.

You can do so for free on the FSC website here.

It is a great opportunity to inform and educate people – including employees, students, groups and the general public of the value of FSC and the vital role forests play in our lives. It is a chance to increase awareness and encourage people to look for the FSC logo and buy FSC certified products.

If you are interested in becoming FSC Certified then one of our dedicated staff will be happy to help you.

We can be contacted on 01952 288325, you can initiate a live chat on our website or fill in our online enquiry form.

This week we have been servicing companies in the Interior Design and Furniture industries, in Leicester and Lancashire for FSC Certification.

How Could PEFC Benefit Your Business?

PEFC, Forest, Certification, Sustainability

PEFC is the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, and is the world’s leading forest certification system.

More than 300 million hectares of forests are certified to PEFC’s internationally recognised Sustainability Benchmarks. These supply more than 18,000 Chain of Custody certified companies globally with responsibly sourced timber and wood-based products.

PEFC was founded by small and family forest owners to demonstrate excellence in sustainable forest management.

A recent survey taken by PEFC showed that 54% of consumers who took part, were reassured mostly by the label/logo displayed on the product that environmental considerations and sustainable development have been considered.

PEFC Chain of Custody certification can allow your organisation to demonstrate responsible supply chain management to your customers. It will provide you with a variety of benefits that help the environment, people and your bottom line.

It could also give you access to new markets and a wider range of availability and choice.

It shows business leadership on sustainability and compliance with legislation, and will allow you to have complete trace-ability on any products you supply which display the PEFC label.

You can find more about PEFC Certification on their website here.

This week we have been certifying clients in the Timber Trade and Packaging industries in Warwickshire and Tyne and Wear, who wanted to show that their wood and non-timber forest products have been sourced from sustainably-managed forests.

If you would like to know more one of our dedicated staff would be more than happy to assist you. We can be contacted on 01952 288325, you can initiate a live chat or you can complete our online enquiry form.