Are You Considering Changing Your Plastic Items For Paper?


Are You Considering Changing Your Plastic Items For Paper? If So Please Make Sure You Read This First

We have seen over the last few weeks many organisations, even the government announcing ways they will play their part in reducing the amount of plastic we see in our landfills, Countryside & Oceans.

This only means one thing, and that is that everyone will start moving towards more recyclable ways of packaging/distributing their items using such things as paper and cardboard.

If this is something you are thinking of implementing into your business then this is a great move. However, before you do so have you ensured that this packaging is coming from a sustainable source? If not then you most certainly should, as if it is not then this could have a major impact on our environment.

If your paper, card or wood fibre based products or packaging are not responsibly sourced they can contribute to deforestation; depleting the largest terrestrial store of atmospheric carbon on the planet.

What Is a Chain of Custody?

Chain of Custody Certification means that the product you are using is from a sustainable source. It means that it is checked at every stage of the process, so that anybody purchasing these products can be confident that they are Chain of Custody Certified.

Did you know that 55% of people in the UK have a preference for products that carry a Chain of Custody trademark?

At Interface NRM we are able to offer both FSC and/or PEFC Chain of Custody Certification, and can assist you with any questions you may have. We can be called on 01952 288325, you can initiate a live chat from our website, or fill in our contact us form.

You can also learn more about this on our website here.


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