ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 UKAS Certification - Gap Analysis


As a UKAS and ASI accredited Certification Body, we are not allowed to design systems for you which we then audit, due to the obvious conflict of Interest. However, we are allowed to conduct a Gap Analysis (pre-assessment) which determines where you comply with the Standards, and where there is some further work required.

This provides you with potential non-conformities against the Standard(s), and an effective ‘route-map’ to getting certified.

Our clients find that this is a very useful and cost-effective way of commencing certification, as it provides clear guidance as to what is required to comply, and simplifies the process of systems development due to a greater clarity of the requirements.

For most organisations the Gap Analysis takes no more than a day, and we provide you with a clear and simple report clearly identifying the Potential Non-Conformities, allowing you to proceed in a timely and cost-effective route to compliance.

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