ISO 14001 Certification – Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 Certification – Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard for Environmental Management. It is becoming increasingly important for organisations to show that they are dedicated to reducing their impact on the environment; ISO 14001 certification is the most effective way for your company to do this.

With an Environmental Management System, your organisation will not only benefit the environment, it will also save you money and improve your efficiency. Having a precise Environmental Management System will supply your organisation with a systematic and process driven approach to compliance.

ISO 14001 Certification is suitable for any size company, small or large. It is usually acquired by organisations to demonstrate that they are committed to reducing their environmental impact, whether to comply with regulations, legislation or qualify for tender. ISO 14001 Certification comes with a variety of benefits including:

  • A reduction in waste and consumption plus an increase in recycling leading to long term cost savings
  • Effective and efficient management of environmental risks
  • Compliance with current legislation and environmental regulations
  • Highlights to customers and suppliers that you are an environmentally friendly organisation
  • ISO 14001 Certification can lead to a reduction in insurance costs
  • Gain a competitive advantage in your market

ISO 14001 Certification is primarily sought after for pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQ) and/or tender documents. It is also a priority if potential customers are enquiring about your organisation’s environmental policies; ISO 14001 certification would provide you with proof of environmental commitment. Environmental Management Systems are also a great benefit to organisations who feel environmental friendliness will grow their brand image, or provide them with the framework to do things better within the company from an environmental perspective.

ISO 14001 also has the benefit of being directly compatible with other management systems, such as ISO 9001. The 2015 versions of the Standard make it even simpler to add ISO 14001 to your existing ISO 9001 Quality Management System. As the ‘management system’ infrastructure is already in place, it is just a case of amending to accommodate the environmental requirements and widening the scope.

We can advise you on how best to proceed with ISO 14001:2015 certification, and the simplest route to achieving it.

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