charlotte smallwood beeston iso 9001

Charlotte Smallwood-Beeston ~ Client Administrator

Professional Profile:
Charlotte has worked at Interface NRM for over 9 years having joined the world of admin 15 years ago. Charlotte is the go to person for all of our clients’ needs and is a dab hand at fixing any and all issues.

Personal Profile:
Family-orientated, creative, and fiercely loyal.

Personal Hero:
My Son – the most inspirational person I know

If I won the lottery:
I would buy some land, run an animal re-homing centre, and take my husband on a long awaited honeymoon.

Pet Peeves:

Favourite Quote:
“Have I gone mad?”
“I’m afraid so, you’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are.”
~ Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

What you do to relax:
What is that then? When I do have 5 minutes, I enjoy reading Fantasy Horror fiction.