gavin jordan iso 9001

Gavin Jordan ~ Director

Professional Profile:
Dr Gavin Jordan, a founder of Interface NRM Ltd and now the Managing Director, has taken an active and leading role in Chain of Custody certification since it first reared its head in the 1990s. He authored a seminal article for the IWSc Conference in 1996, which contributed to the widespread adoption of FSC and PEFC certification.

His first job after studying Forest Products at Bangor University was an internship at Highland Forest Products working in Quality Control. He has also taught on Institute of Wood Sciences courses, lectured at the National School of Forestry, Penrith, and at the Forest Products Research Centre, High Wycombe, as well as managing over 25,000 hectares of forest for timber production in Asia.

He is an IRCA Lead Auditor, and has conducted several hundred FSC/PEFC, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 audits.

Personal Profile:

Husband, Father, and enthusiastic climber. Oh and not forgetting – devoted pig farmer!

Personal Hero:

George Mallory, of Everest fame.

If I won the lottery:

The lottery is for fools.

Pet Peeves:

Modern Life (it’s rubbish)

Favourite Quote:

‘Tinkety tonk old fruit, & down with the Nazis’ ~ Queen Mother

What you do to relax:

Now, that would be telling too much!