kay hill iso 9001

Kay Hill ~ Finance Manager

Professional Profile:
Kay has worked with Interface NRM for over 5 years and is a self-employed finance genius. Kay is AAT Qualified and started her finance career 31 years ago; she enjoys a wide-ranging and challenging job.

Personal Profile:
Married for 25 years, has two children, Sam and Megan, and a dog named Spike. I love holidays with the family and days out with friends. Love to travel and spend time with my family.

Personal Hero:
My Mum

If I won the lottery:
I would move to the seaside.

Pet Peeves:
Liars and two-faced people.

Favourite Quote:
We are nothing without a song or a dance. ~ Mamma Mia

What you do to relax:
Spend weekends at her caravan and spending time with family and friends.