ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 UKAS Certification training Support


Do you need internal auditor training and capacity building? An explanation of the requirements of a Standard? We have simple and cost-effective approaches.

We provide a range of training and support programmes. Our main training programme is an internal auditor training programme, usually ran in-house for our clients.

We provide a run through the Standard(s), risk-based approaches to auditing, continual improvement processes, audit approaches, programming, checklists, conducting an audit, and generating non-conformities.

These programmes are very hands-on with active learning, and have proved to be rapid ways of developing core competencies. The courses typically take two days.

We also provide courses on specific Standards, Continual Improvement, and risk-based thinking.

To find out more please live chat, make an online enquiry, email us at or phone one of our advisors on 01952 288325.